Friday, 29 November 2013

Can't Catch Me...

Can't catch me... Said the little one and ran.

 Last Sunday we went to Ticknall forest (15mins drive from our house.)
Nothing like walking in the woods, fresh air, birds chirping and occasional dog walkers.

 Don't know about you, but I see a face in this rock

              Last time I took a picture of this place, was very tempted to paint it and so I did......

The painting was sold, but Olivia ( my older daughter) wasn't happy as I did not paint her while she was there in that particular picture. So I painted another one...

.....and called it " Me and my Daddy".This painting was sold as well. All my daughter(then 7 yrs old) said to me: "you sold me mummy". Never again, I thought, paint my family.I did give her a big hug and explained, it was only a painting mummy sold!

So lucky that my both girls love nature as much as me and Martin (hubby)

I'd rather walk in the woods than sit in front of the telly. Must admit, my favorite season has to be Autumn. I am so inspired by the colours; that it makes me want return again and again!

Walking through the woods, pass the rock face, along the pool, nothing like spending a bright, cold, sunny day in nature.

Time to go home, for nice cup of tea. whatever you do this weekend, hope you have fun like me.