Sunday, 18 May 2014

Camping and Mandy Pattullo

Friday after dinner, we went camping. Weather was really nice and I had my workshop at Hope and Elvis the following day. I was super excited as always. For so many years I admired Mandy Pattullo's work and the day came when I could do her workshop! Not much needs to be said here, as Mandy Pattullo's work speaks for itself. But I do need to mention how wonderful teacher she is. Thank you Mandy, and I can't thank Louise Presley and Miss Deb's enough, for a wonderful day.
Many of you must have visited Mrs Bertimus blog but if not please do knock at her door! Another talented artist and a great blogger. Thank you Mrs Bertimus for informing me a bit more about technical details of blogging. I have finally managed (together with my twelve years old help) to get bit more fancy in blogging!
I loved Louise's new growing collection of bright coloured fabrics. The last two images are my work inspired by Mandy Pattullo. My boho piece of work.


  1. Thank you chuck for the very kind mention.
    I'm so pleased that I could help a little.
    Your quilts are beautiful! X

  2. Was good to see you Mrs B. x

  3. Sorry Mrs Bertimus forgot to mention Thank you for your lovely comment. x