Sunday, 29 December 2013

Picnic in Ilam (Peak District)

While we were sat at the breakfast table, it looked like could be a day for a picnic, so we packed up our basket and headed to Ilam (Peak District, Derbyshire.) I first discovered this place while studying fine art from Derby University and since then we had made countless trips to Ilam.

Hubby and girls were happy playing a game while I looked around for a place to set up our picnic.

This looked like the perfect spot for picnic today.

Sandwiches, fruits, coffee, milk and even hot chocolate came out of my magic picnic basket.

Oh! The game did make them hungry! The food was gone in minutes and Olivia did enjoy her hot chocolate!

After eating, they went off to play one more game and then we peeked inside the shop.

Love the simple Christmas decoration outside the shop and visitor centre.


I might use the wheelbarrow idea next year for my garden.

While I was at university we went to Ilam for a residential project. Usually I paint in my studio but then I was painting outdoors. I was offered an exhibition which came a bit unexpected. I was over the moon and there was my paintings displayed.

This painting above was purchased by the Derby University, I feel so proud and happy about it.
Ilam is sure one of my favourite place in the Peak District, have been there so many times. It takes us only 45minutes to be there from home. We did not walk around much today but its beautiful around there and if its the thing you like to do I can guarantee that you will love this place to explore.
The girls were very happy and I got to sit and have my coffee. what else could I have asked for more, on a glorious day like it was today! 

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Gingerbread angel hanging on the little tree on my kitchen windowsill, came from Emily's nursery. Just reminds me of the days when Olivia used to bring home lovely edible Christmas decorations from school. 

Yes, it is fake!
I know its a plastic Christmas tree this year, easier with the little one but next year I promise we will have a real one! The hanging Santa was Olivia's first ever Christmas gift from our dear neighbor, 11 years ago!   

More berry branches on our dining table, these are real - not plastic, from our neighbors tree. (see previous post: "Woodland Scene!"

Hope you're all ready for Christmas! As far as I'm concerned, I still have to do lots of tidying up and baking but eventually I'll put my feet up, with a nice cup of coffee and mince pie! 
Wish all of you a Merry Christmas!
With lots of love
from Hippy Thread! x

P.S. Sorry not able to post replies to your lovely comments, for some reason it's not publishing my replies, hopefully will figure it out soon and start replying back. Thank you for being patient and still reading and commenting on my blog posts!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Woodland Scene

Kept looking at our neighbours berry tree through the window and thought:
 "...must ask the neighbours if I could have a branch or two." Just then, I heard a noise, and looked out of my  bedroom window; to my surprise, our front neighbours were trimming their berry tree! Boots on; crossed the street; came back with a few bunches and a smile on my face.
All that was left now, was to create a Christmas woodland scene, next to my little village......... All on the mantle piece!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Many Possibilities


Christmas patchwork blanket (which I started at Hope and Elvis workshop) is complete; Emily loves to play on it in the kitchen whilst mum cooks dinner.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Mysterious Parcel.......

I wan't quite expecting this parcel, but when I opened the box, I saw this beautifully packed gift; with it a kirstyelson Christmas card. I do love her pretty wooden cottages, I so wished I lived in one!   

WOW! I remember this hare came to life in Priscilla Jones' workshop, Diane Foster made this little hare, while the rest of us made flowers, birds and teapots. I immediately fell in LOVE with this hare. Diane is so talented!

Thanks so much Diane for my lovely Christmas card and handmade gift! I just couldn't stop admiring this handsome little hare. Had to sit with my cup of coffee and fruity scone to let it sink in my head. Named him Peter after my coffee mug.

Peter hopped to my mantle piece next to Santa and I thought.......

......"He's not just there for Christmas,
he's there for a lifetime." 
Peter would be well looked after, as he's a special gift from a special person. 

.....The Christmas card made it's way to on my kitchen wall.

I love Peter, as much as I love Nibbles (my bunny.) 

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Make at Hope and Elvis

Last weekend, I went to "Hope & Elvis" which is run by the lovely "Louise Presley" for Christmas make workshop. With a hope.......

....... of making a bunting or an angel.

Some ladies were already picking their fabrics; lots to choose from. Have never known someone so generous as Louise Presley, who is never stingy about letting us take as much material as we would like to use.

Just not this trunk full of fabric scraps, there are piles and piles of vintage fabric, threads, buttons, ribbons........... Name it: and she has it! If you can't find anything: Just ask- she will happily get it for you!

This side of studio, is where the boss sits and works on her own designs. How lovely and organised this space is!

Lots of sewing machines for the girls to work on!

Mouth-watering cake, mince pie, biscuits and sweets; with a choice of coffee or tea; served whole day long!

Aw, so cute! Every time I've been to Hope & Elvis, I feel like bringing this cute little thing home with me.

Finally chose my fabrics, and only chose a few (only joking) of these vintage, Christmas prints. And started working on my make of the day.

By the way, I just LOVE this little pin cushion.

Someone was having so much fun that she accidentally dipped her angel head in her cup of tea! 

Nicola made a pretty Christmas tree bunting, which I also intended to make earlier that morning, or a Christmas stocking........

..... So I started patching my favourite pieces of fabric. Some of which was printed on with the Christmas prints you saw earlier on.
Time for lunch! Diane and Lynda set up the table.

Look at all that lovely food and wine! (Non alcoholic by the way)

Cheers Girls!
(Miss Deb, Louise Presley, Lynda, Nicola and Diane!)

My intentions were to patch a piece of fabric, then to cut out stocking or tree shapes. Thanks to Louise for spoiling us with abundance of fabric, that my piece became so big. So big that miss Debs, took it down on the floor, but I was not the only one on the floor! 

Rachel and Louise (Asher) were also with me on the floor.

I loved Louise's bunting so much, that I decided to leave my long term patch-work lap blanket (that's how it ended up as) and finally made a bunting for myself.

Unfortunately ran out of time, so didn't manage to finish my second make (bunting) on that day. Miss Deb's and other ladies on my table kept telling me: no more then five pieces! Well I did stick to that, but still my bunting came home unfinished.
Best of all, had a wonderful day making, eating, laughing and on top of all that, I made some new friends!
Sorry a bit delayed post, but better now then never!