Thursday, 17 July 2014

A New Approach

Lately I have been questioning my art process a lot. What exactly I want to create and how I see myself with my art practise. In the past 2-3 years I have learnt a lot of new skills which I want to incorporate in my studio practise. I do miss going in my studio. Now slowly as its getting easier with my little one (she's almost 3 now) I am visiting my studio a bit more than before.

By the way the work above is from my previous workshop at Hope and Elvis (Alice Fox).
Sorry for the delay, but this is a very busy time of the year with lots of family and friends visiting; numerous birthdays; holidays and the Melbourne Art Festival (in Derbyshire) is not far off; I want to have a new body of work. I hope I am able to have at least a few, if not all new paintings for the festival. But for now we are going on a little holiday to Wales.

Just a little news about my blog: From now on I will be posting on a different blog site - which is still currently under construction. Hippy Thread is not completely abandoned but will appear as a page in my new blog site.
Happy Holidays! xx

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Spring cleaning in summer



Sun is still shinning, must be summer. Pollen and dust are easily making their way in through the wide open windows, but its warm. I can't complain as this is what I wanted. Beautiful sunny days. Had to do a bit of spring cleaning today after some lunch. The drink was iced tea, mint from the garden. I am enjoying every bit of the sunny days. I am not complaining at all, even though I am sneezing. Yes! I have hay fever. Pollen looks beautiful though. The path is covered in it like snow. So even though I had to run to the shop to buy more tissues, I still like summer. But... Am I looking forward to next season already? Well definitely looking forward to summer holidays. I need a break.


Saturday, 21 June 2014

Summer Days...


Summer days...
We all try to be outdoors as much as possible! A quick stroll in the garden, cup of tea and breakfast was enjoyed on the patio. The morning was good. No big plans just a family trip on two wheels, instead of four, to Melbourne (South Derbyshire). Little Emily loves sitting on the bike and running around in the open space. If only she could do this forever. It always ends up with big tears rolling down her cheeks, as coming back inside the house is difficult for her. The day was spent in the sunshine and I didn't feel guilty to sit down with a slice or rather a wedge of cake and a brew. I am so enjoying the beautiful summer days... What about you?


Sunday, 15 June 2014

I'm in love…

I am so in love with my new noro yarn that I can't stop. This was definitely love at first sight. Bought some noro yarn a while ago, knew had to make something with it but wasn't sure what exactly. That didn't stop me from buying because that's what we do. Don't we? Went on looking for inspiration on pinterest and what do you expect next? Nope, I could not sleep. Was loaded with ideas which actually doesn't help because we get even more confused than before, right. But one fine morning while I was sipping my tea, I just knew had to hook this yarn as I could no longer see it lying on my desk. So I have started... now you need to wait. Wait until I've finished.



I have nearly finished, well maybe not. At least the back, both arms and one and a half front is done. So I guess, I could say nearly there. Still quite a bit to knit and all that sewing. I don't even want to think about that right now. It's a long cardigan, a long afternoon might be required to finish this one.

For now I will leave you to whatever you are doing without taking anymore of your time. Till next post. O yes! Hope Father's Day was good for you.


Thursday, 12 June 2014

Once again with Jessie Chorley

Incredible stitching...

...dedication, hard work, patience...

... new stamps, a growing collection.

That's right, Jessie Chorley was back at Hope and Elvis last weekend!

First we all watched her demonstrate embroidery stitches

They are tiny. And when I say tiny, I mean really tiny.

Each piece is a labour of love.

Does she ever go to bed? Well, a question asked by Louise Presley. I always wondered about this myself. Does she ever stop stitching?

Love her hair by the way, she wasn't even aware that I took this photograph. Eeeekk... Hope she doesn't mind that.

You don't see Louise sitting down so often in a workshop, but she was determined to get some hand embroidery done this time.

The ladies in red shoes were catching up.

And finally after seeing all that detailed work of Jessie Chorley, I used one of Jessie's stamps on my French Chemise (thanks to Miss Debs for my Chemise) and tried to do tiny stitches like Jessie. The day went by so quickly, (at least that's how it felt) and before I knew it, it was time for show and tell.

Some lovely work was produced, all inspired by Jessie Chorley. Thank you once again Louise Presley and Miss Debs, for yet another wonderful crafty day! I so love going to Hope and Elvis, don't be surprised if you spot me camping in front of their one day. I could easily do it to attain every possible workshop! Haha


Hang on a minute! Did you spot a camper van? I know I would like to camp there, but this one isn't mine.

Miss Debs with her daughter, how lovely. But this wasn't Miss Deb's campervan either, it was Louise Asher's! She wasn't camping, but did drive her van to the workshop. Louise Presley, looks like we are all getting ideas about camping in front of your studio soon.
And a big thank you to Jessie! After going to her workshop last year, I instantly knew I'd like to go to another. So I'm really glad I did!