Thursday, 12 June 2014

Once again with Jessie Chorley

Incredible stitching...

...dedication, hard work, patience...

... new stamps, a growing collection.

That's right, Jessie Chorley was back at Hope and Elvis last weekend!

First we all watched her demonstrate embroidery stitches

They are tiny. And when I say tiny, I mean really tiny.

Each piece is a labour of love.

Does she ever go to bed? Well, a question asked by Louise Presley. I always wondered about this myself. Does she ever stop stitching?

Love her hair by the way, she wasn't even aware that I took this photograph. Eeeekk... Hope she doesn't mind that.

You don't see Louise sitting down so often in a workshop, but she was determined to get some hand embroidery done this time.

The ladies in red shoes were catching up.

And finally after seeing all that detailed work of Jessie Chorley, I used one of Jessie's stamps on my French Chemise (thanks to Miss Debs for my Chemise) and tried to do tiny stitches like Jessie. The day went by so quickly, (at least that's how it felt) and before I knew it, it was time for show and tell.

Some lovely work was produced, all inspired by Jessie Chorley. Thank you once again Louise Presley and Miss Debs, for yet another wonderful crafty day! I so love going to Hope and Elvis, don't be surprised if you spot me camping in front of their one day. I could easily do it to attain every possible workshop! Haha


Hang on a minute! Did you spot a camper van? I know I would like to camp there, but this one isn't mine.

Miss Debs with her daughter, how lovely. But this wasn't Miss Deb's campervan either, it was Louise Asher's! She wasn't camping, but did drive her van to the workshop. Louise Presley, looks like we are all getting ideas about camping in front of your studio soon.
And a big thank you to Jessie! After going to her workshop last year, I instantly knew I'd like to go to another. So I'm really glad I did!


  1. It all looks wonderful, I love going to Louise's workshops too but I missed this one.....maybe next time! Xxx

  2. What a lovely post Su, you've captured the day beautifully. Love your cute bunny. x

  3. Sorry that you both missed the workshop. Hope to see you sometime soon at H&E. Also thank you both for your kind comments. X