Thursday, 17 July 2014

A New Approach

Lately I have been questioning my art process a lot. What exactly I want to create and how I see myself with my art practise. In the past 2-3 years I have learnt a lot of new skills which I want to incorporate in my studio practise. I do miss going in my studio. Now slowly as its getting easier with my little one (she's almost 3 now) I am visiting my studio a bit more than before.

By the way the work above is from my previous workshop at Hope and Elvis (Alice Fox).
Sorry for the delay, but this is a very busy time of the year with lots of family and friends visiting; numerous birthdays; holidays and the Melbourne Art Festival (in Derbyshire) is not far off; I want to have a new body of work. I hope I am able to have at least a few, if not all new paintings for the festival. But for now we are going on a little holiday to Wales.

Just a little news about my blog: From now on I will be posting on a different blog site - which is still currently under construction. Hippy Thread is not completely abandoned but will appear as a page in my new blog site.
Happy Holidays! xx


  1. These are so beautiful, look forward to seeing your blog x

  2. Thank you Mrs B. I have started my journey won't be long. See you there soon. X