Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Spring cleaning in summer



Sun is still shinning, must be summer. Pollen and dust are easily making their way in through the wide open windows, but its warm. I can't complain as this is what I wanted. Beautiful sunny days. Had to do a bit of spring cleaning today after some lunch. The drink was iced tea, mint from the garden. I am enjoying every bit of the sunny days. I am not complaining at all, even though I am sneezing. Yes! I have hay fever. Pollen looks beautiful though. The path is covered in it like snow. So even though I had to run to the shop to buy more tissues, I still like summer. But... Am I looking forward to next season already? Well definitely looking forward to summer holidays. I need a break.



  1. Oooo you're giving me the cleaning bug, your house looks lovely!
    Hope you feel better soon x

  2. Thank you Mrs B. The more I sneeze the more I go on cleaning. Haha. X