Sunday, 29 December 2013

Picnic in Ilam (Peak District)

While we were sat at the breakfast table, it looked like could be a day for a picnic, so we packed up our basket and headed to Ilam (Peak District, Derbyshire.) I first discovered this place while studying fine art from Derby University and since then we had made countless trips to Ilam.

Hubby and girls were happy playing a game while I looked around for a place to set up our picnic.

This looked like the perfect spot for picnic today.

Sandwiches, fruits, coffee, milk and even hot chocolate came out of my magic picnic basket.

Oh! The game did make them hungry! The food was gone in minutes and Olivia did enjoy her hot chocolate!

After eating, they went off to play one more game and then we peeked inside the shop.

Love the simple Christmas decoration outside the shop and visitor centre.


I might use the wheelbarrow idea next year for my garden.

While I was at university we went to Ilam for a residential project. Usually I paint in my studio but then I was painting outdoors. I was offered an exhibition which came a bit unexpected. I was over the moon and there was my paintings displayed.

This painting above was purchased by the Derby University, I feel so proud and happy about it.
Ilam is sure one of my favourite place in the Peak District, have been there so many times. It takes us only 45minutes to be there from home. We did not walk around much today but its beautiful around there and if its the thing you like to do I can guarantee that you will love this place to explore.
The girls were very happy and I got to sit and have my coffee. what else could I have asked for more, on a glorious day like it was today! 


  1. It is nice to get out after a spell indoors and you chose a lovely spot for your picnic. Xxx

    1. love to be outdoors whenever i can. Ilam is definately one of my favourate places. xxx