Thursday, 2 January 2014

Welcome 2014

We have indeed left 2013 behind us. We've left many more things behind. Had a quiet but wonderful Christmas and one of my dearest friend, infact the first friend I made in England came over to spend New Years with us. Friendships! Old or new doesn't matter, it is just beautiful; but some friendships are so wonderful that you can't leave them behind. We take that with us wherever we go, year after year. So in this brand new year I have brought with me some good old friendships and many old unfinished projects; work that I would like to finish this year. but I am not fussed. If not I will carry them to the year after. Just like friendship.
I don't have any New year Resolutions, I only intend to start a new slow cloth which I can take with me year after year, or maybe not depends if I manage to finish it this year. So many talented artist I have come across in last couple of year. Having lived in this country that I feel very lucky. Lucky to be able to see their work, lucky to be inspired by them and even more lucky to have met some of them in person. There is one artist I came across recently is Jude Hill. Her work and blog is amazing. Many of you reading my blog here may already know her work but if not. my friends, do have a look at her Blog, its called Spirit Cloth.
I have some beautiful memories of the countryside and the landscape surrounding us and also my travels abroad. Many new paintings are on the way and just a few old ones to finish. So this year my intentions are very clear: Lots of new and old paintings; a slow stitch cloth using old vintage fabrics; some crochet; knitting; gardening and if have got anytime left then cooking for my family and friends. I hope I am not being too ambitious there. Well, life is short, no one knows whats ahead of us. So lets just enjoy the moment, friendships, and whatever gives us happiness this year.

Wish you all a very Happy New Year!


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  1. Happy new year to you and your family Sujata