Sunday, 9 March 2014

Bit of Colour on a Sunny Day


Sun was out today and it felt lovely and warm outside.

Did my grocery shopping and sat out in the sun with 'Mollie Makes' special edition. Maggie and Peggy were happy in the sun too

Girls were hungry so came back inside, after lunch when little Emily went for her nap, I sat out again with Mollie.

These shorts reminds me of my younger days when I chopped my brand new jeans to make it look something like this. Oh! Lovely memories came back with sunshine today.

Love the bag and scarf, so colourful and cheerful!

 If colour is your thing then this issue of Mollie makes is for you.

Wow! Was nice to see colour and sunshine today...

...and this is how far I am with my knitting at the moment. This is for me...

 ...and this one for Emily. She wants everything to be in purple now a days. 

She picked some purple flowers as well, when she went to the garden centre with mummy yesterday.


  1. wasn't it lovely to have some spring sunshine to sit out in?
    that Mollie Makes looks good, I do Like Mollie Makes magazines, always look forward to it every month.

  2. Did enjoy both Lyn, sunshine and Mollie makes. X

  3. Can't wait to read that MM!
    Lovely sunny post x