Saturday, 22 February 2014

Dinner Table


 For a long time I wanted this book, and finally it arrived (yesterday morning). There are some lovely projects for home, which I intend to do one day.

The day I have no crochet, knitting or painting going on. I wish the days were longer so I had more time in hand. There is so much I would like to do, but I have only two hands and limited time. Well, not as much time as I would like anyway!

It was a beautiful morning, so I sat and did some crochet. The girls left me on my own. They were playing nicely and have been very creative this week. Maybe I can show you in my next post.

But for now this is what I want to show you. My blanket is slowly growing and I would like it to make it quite big; big enough for me and the girls to hide under it on a cool summers day. Maybe when we are camping out and sat in front of campfire roasting marshmallows and sipping hot chocolate. Oh! How I want it to be summer. But I am waiting... still waiting for the spring.

I know it is not too far away. The blossoms are coming out already and filling up my vases. Some of my spring flowers sadly got crushed under Maggie and Peggy (hens) feet.They have done a good job in my little vegetable patch, its all nicely racked by them but have also destroyed some other plants. Oh well! All forgiven, especially when I collect eggs everyday and think of our yummy omelets and pancakes. Pancake day is not far either. Hooray!

Had to stop my crochet here for today and clear the dinning table for some food. Indian it was today. Kasuri Methi Chicken curry, one of my father's recipe. The girls loved it.

Recipe book out...

 .... Ingredients all chopped...

...And dinner on plate. Yum yum!
Hope you are also able to enjoy bit of sunshine and I wonder what you had on your dinner table for today!


  1. Awwwww sounds like you all had a lovely day indeed! X

  2. Thanks, just tried to make the most of the day Mrs B. x