Thursday, 23 January 2014

Old and New...

Now that we are feeling a lot better at home, I pulled out some of my old and new projects. It feels like haven't done anything for ages. I was little bit confused where to start first then picked on my old cloth which I weaved after being inspired by Jude Hill's work. Just a couple of stitches was all I could do as the little one still needed much attention from me.

Two days before, I took this picture in my garden. I am a bit confused about this ROSE. It seems a little bit too early but I have two of these buds on one of my rose bush already. Is it spring already? Or winter still, I am confused.

 By noon when the little one went for a little nap, I started knitting this scarf which I started in December, a little late to be finished as a Christmas gift for hubby but he might be able to use it sometime this year, I hope.

 At least managed to be bit creative today after a while of not feeling well...... Felt like cooking something sweet!

Cherry Almond Crumble it was on our plates. O' how yummy!

Now that I had been bit creative and ate, it was time to think about something new....

Bought these new shades of wool. Yes, still thinking of winter. So picked these chunky wintry colours. So I'm sitting on a chair with a nice cup of tea, and I start thinking about what I could make, a blanket perhaps?



  1. Sometimes just doing little bits of things is all you need to feel creative again. I love the colours you have chosen for your yarn, don't forget to show us what you mKe with it? Xxx

  2. Loved reading it, esp the rose bit. Roses are my favourite flower and it's a pleasure to see them in early bloom :-)

  3. Thank you for reading and commenting Lyn and Monidipa. Will keep posting my progress and rose, well can't say how much I love too. Xx