Thursday, 30 January 2014

Moroccan tea and yarn...

 I sat on the floor watching Emily's toys all around my little craft room; I could tidy them up; and do some ironing, as my pile of clothes have started looking like a mountain; could cook some food for us but then...... Took some of my yarny projects for this year out on the floor and thought: may as well put the kettle on and sit with one of them!

 The green throw on the left of the sofa was a present from my mother three years ago; that got me started. So I decided to crochet my first blanket. Had to be colourful one, as I was left with my mother's leftover yarns which she kindly gave me. I also decided to knit one red cushion for Christmas.......

 ...and crochet a grey one...

... When baby was on our way I started crocheting a blanket. Another stripy one, it took me only two years to finish this little blanket! At some point I thought it would never get complete. But I did manage to complete it and little Emily loves it! Mama is pleased.

With my new projects on the floor, I had to decide which one to pick while little one was asleep. Time is very precious as I don't seem to get as much as I would like to spend on my art. But I find little crafty projects easier to do these days than my paintings. Might have to wait a bit longer before I am able to paint as much as I would like to, and exhibit a bit more again.

 To be honest with you I quite like craft. In fact, there was a point at university where I was confused and thought of joining craft instead of Fine Arts. Though, I am happy to have completed my Degree in Fine Arts; and I'm enjoying my craft work along side. Trouble with me is, I like so many forms of art and craft; in fact all of them! And its very difficult for me to settle down with only one of them. I am quite happy to be jack of all.... Haha :)  That's what my sister says to me! It's all about what you want in life and what keeps you happy.

So finally I settled down with my pink and grey crochet blanket and yes, my Moroccan green tea, which I bought other day. Looking forward to starting a new painting tomorrow after dropping little one off at nursery. Will post it once complete, till then enjoy doing whatever you like the most!Remember, it's your life after all.
Big hug!


  1. As long as you can keep yourself occupied and happy - and producing such fantastic heirlooms for your home! xxxxx

    1. Yes Diane, I love doing it all and that keeps me happy. Thank you for reading my posts and commenting. It's nice to have a conversation with like minded people. Xx

  2. So lovely!
    I too am torn between craft and art, but then they do go well together!

  3. I love your work Mrs B and we shouldn't think just do what we feel like. There is no right or wrong. X