Monday, 28 April 2014

Coffee, Knit and a Chat

What a glorious day it was today. Perfect to sit out in the garden swing chair, with a nice brew of coffee and if you have noticed my new yarn. It is going to be something for me! When I saw this yarn in the shop, I just couldn't stop myself. Had to buy this. Love the colour and the yarn is so beautiful too. I hope the weather is still nice for the next coming days so I could sit out and knit. Anyone interested for freshly brewed coffee and a knit knat? You are most welcome to join me.

Well, at least Peggy (my hen) looked very interested to join me. She is very nosy, let me worn you. You may find her hanging around just to listen to our gossips.

I love lazy days like this, just relaxing and knitting or reading a book or maybe nothing at all. Just lying on the swing chair in the sun. I do lack vitamin D in this country.

These tulips were in a different planter last year, then after they finished flowering, I planted them outside in this pot. I have two more pots like this. But they might do even better if I plant them in the soil I think. Might do that sometime this year.

Oh well, that coffee was nice and now I am looking into patterns to decide which one to knit.
Enjoy the sunshine

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  1. Love your wool, looking forward to seeing your pattern x