Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hippy Thread

Beads, buttons and hippy thread...

 ...Shells, drift wood collected from the beach; a bit of my mothers old sari ribbons...

...all on my crafty desk to thread something quick and fun and maybe a bit hippy.

I threaded them all together and...

 ...there it was! A little fun craft hanging on the window. Not so easy to photograph, so thought of placing it next to my bag, which I made last year at Hope and Elvis workshop.

I have my two little brooches bought from lovely Viv of Hens Teeth, if you notice.

And the red one I made; an obvious influence from Hens teeth makes. I used vintage quilt scrap, old linen, lace and Suffolk puff made from my mother's sari.

Now my wall looks complete!


  1. Hi, didn't we have a great day on Saturday, love your red brooch did you do the hens teeth workshop? x

  2. Hello Jan, totally agree with you. We did have a fantastic day yesterday. I made the red brooch at home but did a needle case workshop with Hens teeth.