Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Dreaming of a Gypsy Life

This is what I have been dreaming of for a very long time. How badly I wanted one of them and to go around the beautiful English countryside.

RHD westfalia just awesome

But in the practical world that was not possible, so I asked for this one instead.
And did I get it?

Well I had to compromise and settle down with Tiffany. My hubby was not very keen on the camper van so I thought to agree with this or else there wouldn't be any!.When it arrived on our drive I was so happy and excited that I couldn't stop myself from going inside the caravan again and again. Oh yes, literally 100 times. Believe me, I could not sleep well that night. My brand new little caravan was finally on our drive. This is the smallest new version of these type of caravans.Who knows maybe in future we may get a bigger one but for now we just want to get used to this.

It was mothers day weekend, weather was nice so we decided to try Tiffany on the road. We only went  to Ilam for one night.

It took us, well hubby darling to be more precise, half a day to set up the awning tent as it wasn't so easy.

Hopefully next time will be lot quicker.

Even curtains came along with it!

Inside it has the cutest little hob and wash basin. Love the glass top lids.

The girls were really happy and excited just like me!

Hubby and Olivia went out whilst Emily was trying to sleep and I was flicking through my magazine.
Little one was not quite sleeping!

This is what we could see out of our window. Not a nice photo as I took it from inside .
Wow I still cannot believe it. I wanted to have this for a while now. Only took me three years to persuade my hubby. I simply am loving it and can't stop dreaming of my gypsy life. The indoors is a bit bland for my taste. Needs a bit of colour.

So I pulled out my Gypsy blanket and it was finally complete. I added blue trim to give bit of a boho look. In the shop, this red fleece caught my eyes and I thought it would be lot quicker and easier to add fleece instead of a wadding and another layer of fabric. It is cheating a bit but tell you what, it feels really nice and cosy.

I so love the blue trim!

Now that my first make for the caravan is done, I can start thinking of my next project for Tiffany.

Wow, it's a big splash of colour, but that's what I wanted.

I just thought to try it out, so the blanket went in the back garden with me

My Gypsy blanket kept me quite warm outside and was so cosy that I fell asleep once again dreaming of my Gypsy life.

Hope all of you out there had a wonderful Mothers day too! Xx

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