Monday, 7 April 2014

Ding Dong it is Ready!

Ding Dong, it is ready. Yes, finished two of my knitting projects! A lot was going on, had two jumpers. One for me and one for little Emily on a go. I also had the Gypsy blanket and a hexagon quilt for Olivia. I might have undertaken two many projects at the same time but I like it that way. I do get bored with one thing. After completing my blanket I picked the jumpers. I had to finish them, especially little Emily's before she grew out of it without even wearing it.

This cardigan is done using DK yarn. I love the Picot edge. I have used the largest size in the pattern, which was for 3 to 4 years old. I am glad I did so even though she is only two and a half years now, as this just fits her well and might not be for too long. She is growing so quickly. I really have to speed up with my makes for her.

 Emily choose the pink buttons. Oh, she is very much a purple and pink girl!

And... she loves it. The cardigan stayed on her whole day:

While she played; downstairs and upstairs. She even wanted to sleep in it!

Outside in my garden; some tulips are coming out now!

I put on my cardigan, which I also completed to take a look in my garden.

My little pond was covered with blossom from the tree, so pretty.

I stood watching my pond and my cardigan kept me warm. The recipe of my cardigan is very simple.

DK yarn, moss stitch and stocking stitch. Nothing more, just three ingredients.

I like it this way. Simple and quick. Well, might not have been so quick but its all done now!


  1. Well done they both look lovely, as does your garden. The cardigans are perfect for spring!

  2. Thank you for your kind comment Lyn. I am very pleased to have finished couple of my projects lately. x