Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Moss and daffodill...

Last couple of days were lovely and sunny! Sunday we went for a walk and Monday was all charged up to start a new jumper (yes, for me) with a nice cup of tea.

We went to Elvaston Castle, not far from us. Thought it would be slighter less muddy than walking in the woods.

 Little Emily was wrapped up warm. Yes it was sunny, but still a bit cold

Good job we got bit of sun on us that day, as we are back to rain and gusty winds today. The picnic table were under the flood so we found a better place to sit and have our lunch.It was quite dry here. The girls actually enjoyed sitting on the fallen (though might be chopped) tree. Oh no!  I have only two girls Olivia and Emily. The third one is Olivia's friend who joined the walk with us.


I love nature and there is nothing else quite like it. Fresh air, muddy boots and lots and lots of food. End of our walk we collected bit of nature. As soon as I saw moss (and heaps and heaps of it) I knew what I wanted to do, after we reach back home.

Thought to plant the daffodills out of the two little pots and put the woodland picks for that day around it. I was sure the moss will be used some way or another...

Oh how beautiful nature is!

After dropping Olivia's friend back home, I brewed some coffee.

Yes, it was just the right time for me to sit with a cup of coffee and enjoy my little garden on the dinning table. Later, I placed it on my kitchen windowsill next to my lovely handmade lemon soap bar from Lush. Hand made soaps are another weekness of mine. They look and smell so delicious; just what I like.

Anyway, hope you were able to go out and about while it was dry. Now that we are back to rain I must pick my needles again.

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  1. What lovely photos and I love your paintings! X