Monday, 17 February 2014

Last week...

It's amazing to see all the valentine things selling in the shops together with Easter decorations. Even before Halloween you can already do your Christmas shopping now-a-days. Well last week was Valentines and I was feeling a bit under the weather. Felt like hibernating but only if it was possible. 

Beginning of the year I decided to start a slow stitch cloth, inspired by Jude Hill..... And it has been a real slow stitch cloth for me. It is growing very slowly but I am not in a rush. Enjoying the slow process, weaving and stitching little by little. Adding scraps of vintage quilts and other pieces to it.

 The two hearts above was bought thinking would be added on to a bunting before Christmas but it didn't make it into a bunting. So I unpicked the stitches and the front and back of the heart found a place in my slow stitch cloth. It's so old and fragile that while picking it up, it was tearing off, so had to put some extra stitches on them.

'Love is Beautiful' written by pen will be embroidered one fine day...... I hope!!!

Thought this little piece of cloth would be finished on the Valentine week but had a horrible headache and cold so did not feel like doing much of stitching. After all it is meant to be a slow stitch cloth!

Had lots of ginger lemon tea in bed last week and a gentle new project, I know...... I haven't even completed previous projects and started another one. But that's me. I am so loaded with new ideas always and cant wait to start them. As soon as I see where I am going with that project and I can almost see how it will look I start loosing interest and want to start a new one. It's not so much about the finished work I guess for me Its more about getting the ideas out of my head. But do promise slowly you will start to see my finished works. This one had to be started as it looks like purple is Little Emily's favourite colour. She keeps pointing out purple throughout the day. So mama decided to knit her something PURPLE. Better finish this one soon though as my experience with the older one was they sometimes have their favourites only for couple of days.

Hope all of you out there had a lovely Valentine week. I am so looking forward to some nice weather now. Stay nice and warm and snuggled up!

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