Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Cozy and Romantic...


...It has been really mixed weather lately, with sun, wind and rain. At home we are trying to stay warm and cosy! I got couple of lovely books for my birthday, yes I am another year older this week!And this book above 'Romantic style'  by 'Selina Lake' is perfect gift for this week. How I love this beautiful vintage dress, (sorry not a good photograph ) which I wish to put it on for my birthday dinner. Not having a party might  just go out for a simple pub meal. Could wear that dress any day of my life. And as this is a week of romance and again I am indulging myself with lots of chocolates. At least I have an excuse for it! The small wire heart, which I made last year in one of Priscilla Jones mixed media workshop, we used wire, paper, fabric,wax and other goodies. I also made some flowers and birds on that day. The beautiful hare was Christmas present for me from a lovely lady I met on that day. They are all on my mantel piece which my hubby kindly painted white for me. Love that soft romantic look on the mantel piece.
My little helper (Emily) was rearranging some of my knitted squares, which might turn out to be a blanket one day. But for now I am knitting a jumper, all for me. After all that hard work Little Emily wanted a snack. Oh yes, she loves dry cereal any time of the day and some times the whole day long! Later when Emily went to bed I just made some space for myself and sat on the floor. The sun was out and it was lovely and quiet. The woolly sock was a gift from my mother; it comes from north part of India, where it gets very cold and they have some super warm winter clothes. This is such a cosy and Romantic week for me!


  1. It's just the right weather for snuggling under a blanket! xxxxx