Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The free range...


...After feeling poorly for the last couple of days, finally got all my energy back; the much required energy (as it is half term). Olivia is home, hubby in London and of course little Emily is home. Did I forget Nibbles (bunny) and Maggie and Peggy (hens)? Had quite a few eggs and didn't feel like doing much for last few days, so thought of using my free range eggs for lunch. Of course it was far too much for just me and Olivia so invited my neighbour over. Was nice to catch up anyway. Six eggs, two potatoes and a bag of spinach... there you have one tasty Spanish Omelet! Seems like a productive day. And the hexagon table mat was finished this morning, so I could put that on my table and light the candles.


  1. So pleased you are feeling better.
    That omelette looks good! X